Hello and a warm welcome!

I never imagined I would start a blog. I somehow always thought it’s just something for bored people to fill their time with or for freelance writers to try and reach as many people with their work in the hopes of becoming famous in their field. You could argue that it was very naive of me and I think I would agree with you.

As I am progressing through my PhD, I am realising more and more just how much I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences about the stuff I am really passionate about. My poor supervisor and my fellow students must all know that too well by now. In the interest of preserving their sanity, I decided to reach a (hopefully) broader audience.

I really don’t want to start another PhD blog focusing on the recent advancements in a particular field that are presented in a more concise and approachable manner by the author. Don’t get me wrong – I think these are often highly beneficial (to the authors themselves if no one else) and you will see a bit of that happening here too (I too am passionate about the geeky science stuff after all).

My vision for this blog is to be a collection of posts that best describe who I am and what my passions are. I am not looking for a mass of followers and fame. I do hope that some people will find aspects of it fascinating and maybe it will resonate with their own experiences and interests. If it does, please do comment and let me know your thoughts. I want to be right, I want to be wrong and most importantly I want to learn.

So here you have it, welcome, this is… me!

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